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Prenatal Fitness

"Healthy Moms Have Happy Babies"

Prenatal Fitness and Postpartum Fitness are safe and effective exercise programs for new moms and expectant mothers. With a new baby either on the way or already in your life, you need to be healthy for your child. Women who are physically active during and after pregnancy have less pregnancy-induced symptoms, easier deliveries, and faster recoveries. Our team is trained specifically to cater to pre- and postnatal clientele.

Coremom prenatal and postpartum fitness programs are custom designed for you. Every pregnancy is different, and the fitness regime you follow should be special to your needs. Coremom is a fitness program aimed to make your pregnancy, delivery, and recovery better. We can also help mothers years after childbirth who still need to strengthen their pelvic floor and core. Coremom is for all mothers!

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Pre & Post natal fitness private training

Customized service that includes meal planning, manual stretching and one on one support direct from your trainer.

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Small Group Class

Connect with other mothers and bond with their babies while exercising. Classes available for pregnancy and beyond.

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Phone Consultation & Virtual Online Consultation

No time to get to the studio? We are available to custom create an exercise program specifically for your needs. We consult via phone, Zoom or in your home.

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Online Private Training & Group Training

One-on-one training via Zoom. Workout at home, in private, with a specialized Pre & Post Natal Trainer. Group workout via Zoom is coming soon!

Featured Classes

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Small Group Baby Friendly Classes Pregnant moms, New moms, and Moms beyond baby

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one on one personal training

One-on-One Personal TrainingOur Programs Fit Your Personal Needs

Are you interested in more of a customized fitness experience? One-on-One private training allows you to exercise at your own pace and comfort level while getting motivation and accountability from a certified pre and post natal fitness trainer. We are the most experienced stop for Pre and Post natal fitness. Included as part of your private training, is a customized meal plan, weight and measurements to track progress and manual stretching with range of motion work offered to expedite muscle recovery. This is the fastest way to meet your fitness goals.

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virtual one on one training

Virtual One-On-One TrainingStrengthen, Rehabilitate and Improve your fitness and well being without leaving your home

We offer online personal training via Zoom. Convenience for the new mom is a priority, so we offer online training so you do not have to leave your own home to get in shape. Sign up and schedule your first Zoom session to see if this method of training works for you. Using Zoom you will be able to view your instructor and your instructor will show you through example the exercises to fit your personal needs to achieve your goals.

small group training for pre and post natal fitness

Small Group Training for Pre & Post Natal FitnessExercise while you connect with your community

Small Group Training for new and expectant mothers is an excellent way to get in shape, learn from other moms, connect and bring your baby to class. No matter your fitness level we have a small group fitness class that will help you reach your goals! Join one of our exclusive Mommy Groups today.

Regardless of your fitness level, reduce common symptoms

Regardless of your Fitness Level...This Program Will Help You Reduce Symptoms During Pregnancy

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Sciatic Pain

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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

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Gestational Diabetes

Get strong and prepare for birth, recover from pregnancy and childbirth faster, strengthen pelvic floor and core muscles, improve posture, reduce pain, reduce postpartum-induced conditions like diastasis recti, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, de quarvains, carpal tunnel, and more!

In addition, improve your mental well-being through exercise, reduce postpartum depression, get support, and find community.

The Core Mom method is a medically-endorsed fitness program created by Danielle Spangler, a prenatal and postpartum medical fitness professional that helps women gain strength and flexibility during and after pregnancy with a series of functional strength exercises using little to no equipment in the comfort of your own home or in the studio. The Coremom fitness program is recommended by pelvic floor physical therapists for reducing pelvic floor dysfunction before, during, and after pregnancy.

Meet The Coremom Duo

Danielle Spangler

Danielle Spangler

Danielle Spangler, a pre and postnatal fitness specialist, has been in the fitness industry privately training clients, teaching group exercise classes and mentoring other fitness professionals through continuing education for over twenty years. Danielle has her B.S in Kinesiology and received credits towards her Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology with an emphasis in pre & postnatal fitness from the University of North Texas. Danielle was a master trainer in the area of fitness at numerous renowned fitness centers, hospitals & corporate wellness centers including the Sports Club/LA. Danielle holds several national trainer certifications since 1992. Among them are the National Academy of Sports Medicine, American College of Sports Medicine, AFAA and Cooper Aerobics Institute of Dallas. Danielle is also a consultant on pre & postnatal exercise and has written several articles for Fit Pregnancy Magazine. The National Academy of Sports Medicine recruited Danielle in 2002 to co-write a prenatal continuing Education course for other fitness professionals’ worldwide. Since the birth of Danielle’s first child in 2002, Danielle has worked for the cities of Hermosa & Manhattan Beach, Beach Cities Health District and AdventurePlex in developing exercise classes for expectant and new mothers. As a mother of three, Danielle understands the physical challenges women may face during pregnancy, childbirth and recovery on both a professional and personal level. Danielle uses her Coremom program at Beach Life Fitness Boutique, where she hosts a variety of small group classes and individual training offered to expectant mothers, new mothers and mothers that want to address issues specific to physical side effects that may develop after pregnancy, childbirth and nursing.

Alyssa Crawford

Alyssa Crawford

Alyssa Crawford joined Danielle’s Coremom team in 2018 after working in postpartum fitness for two years. She became a certified Group Fitness Instructor back in 2016. With exclusive one-on-one training from Danielle, Alyssa upped her game with an incredible amount of knowledge and strategies. Additionally, Alyssa earned the certification in Applied Functional Science from the Gray Institute. This education allowed her to understand the amazing complexities of the human body through movement and how the parts of the body are all interconnected. Alyssa has a passion to help moms understand what’s going on in their bodies on a deeper level. She works hard to explain the connection between the pelvic floor and three-dimensional core in a way that everyone can understand. Alyssa struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety after the birth of her daughter, Josie, in 2013 so she has a very real understanding of the emotional and physiological needs of new mothers.