Pilates Reformer

Improve your posture and strength with this is contemporary style pilates reformer class! This class will help you strengthen and lengthen your muscles from the inside out and welcomes all levels.

Pilates FIT (functional interval training)

This reformer classes more of a circuit and interval style using various equipment such as BOSU balls, TRX suspensions straps, cardio with helix machines and free weights.

Core Mom

Our baby friendly prenatal and postpartum class welcomes all pregnant women and new mothers to prepare and recover from birth. This class combines functional movements with pelvic floor and core exercises to help women connect internally to their bodies.

Restorative women’s fitness

Whether or not you have had a baby, this class is great for ALL females. Use functional movements to connect internally to the pelvic floor and core muscles. Great in preventing and treating most minor pelvic dysfunction disorders.

Teen Fitness Class

Calling all teens ages 12-17, this is a great class designed to help you learn how to lift weights and perform exercises with proper technique. This is great for both teen athletes and non-athletes and will improve their endurance, flexibility and strength!


This class focuses on exercises designed to build strength and definition in the rear end, legs and abs.


We offer Jumpsport™ mini-trampoline cardio workouts to maximize cardio with strength training. These classes have a variety of titles like "Bounce and Barre and "Bounce and Burn". Look for the trampoline description when signing up.

Special events and classes

We try and incorporate some special pop-up classes from yoga to burlesque. Check out the monthly schedule to see our offerings. More classes are coming soon to our front space location.