Where do I park?

There is a parking lot provided with complimentary parking. ​​

What is the cancellation policy for classes, massages or cryotherapy appointments?

There is a 20-hour cancellation policy in order to allow others to enroll. To cancel, please go to your MindBody account.

What if I do not know how to set up my Pilates equipment?

No problem! We can provide you with individualized attention before your initial class and get here early.

What if I am running late for class, should I just skip it?

Definitely not~ We know traffic is unpredictable, so please come even if late. We will not “late shame you”, and you will have reserved your space anyway. We are expecting you–better late than never we feel.

I have an injury. Should I still take class?

Please let us know before the class so that we can make any adjustments needed.

How much experience do the trainers have?

We have tons of experience, and more importantly, knowledge. SO MUCH! Our instructors have very diverse industry certifications, which is just what you should want! We are safe, professional, and skilled. Certifications include PMA, NASM, ACE, CSCA, YMA and more!

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