Packages can use cryotherapy treatments
  • 3 Pack | $73
  • 5 Pack | $100
  • 20 Pack | $280
  • Cryo Unlimited | $279
  • Cryo-glow Facial | $35
  • Cryo-glow Facial 2 Pack | $65


We’ve known for years that extreme cold temperatures can help to stimulate the healing of our musculoskeletal, nervous, circulatory, and energy systems. In fact, using cold temperatures to treat pain and inflammation dates as far back as 2500BC.

At CryoRedondo, we achieve this process through the localized application of extremely cold, but very safe vaporized nitrogen (i.e., -162 °C). This non-invasive application of nitrogen vapor, projected onto the skin, evokes physiological reactions that signal the reduction of swelling and soreness, healing from sports injuries, and the reduction of pain associated with arthritis. Applying extremely low temperature vapor to the skin’s surface positively influences the circulation of blood around a joint, improving oxygen supply to the cells. Many studies, as well as years of clinical experience, have shown that a therapeutic outcome can be achieved after just 5-10 sessions.

We offer a localized cryotherapy session on a single area of the body which takes just under 4 minutes. Clients remain clothed, lay comfortably on a massage table while a trained cryotherapy technician applies subzero nitrogen(ie: extremely cold vapor on and/or around the affected area. Localized cryotherapy is more cost effective than whole-body cryo with specific areas of concern. Why sit in a chamber, half-naked, with mitts and booties on, and pay triple the cost to have -165 degrees of vapor applied to areas that don’t need treating

Localized cryotherapy session on the face of young woman. Treatment uses vaporized nitrogen to lower the skin temperature.
Localized cryotherapy session to the shoulder of young woman. Ice cold nitrogen vapors applied to shoulders.
Localized cryotherapy session to the neck of young woman. Ice cold nitrogen vapors applied to the neck and shoulders.
man cryo
kid cryo

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